The best salon procedures for hair

In the world of beauty treatments, hair care is a special layer. Each girl, regardless of what kind of problem she is facing, will be able to choose something suitable for herself, and our article will help you to orient yourself in this!


Treatment and recovery procedures

Happiness for hair is a multi-stage procedure involving the phased application of restorative formulations. It is often used as a means to restore curls after repeated staining and discoloration. To achieve a sustainable effect, a course of 5-6 procedures is required.
Biolamination - protects hair from damage and the negative effects of the environment. Fills the formed structural voids. Each hair is covered with a protective film based on natural materials.
Keratinization - treatment of hair with a composition enriched with keratin. Thanks to its action, the scales are smoothed, and the rods are saturated with the necessary moisture. Facilitates combing of porous and brittle hair.
Cryomassage is the effect on the scalp with liquid nitrogen, which awakens the body's internal reserves. Hair is saturated with moisture and comes to life.
Shielding is a therapeutic procedure that is often undeservedly confused with lamination. Despite the fact that the execution techniques are identical, shielding deeply nourishes the hair, making it healthy, and not only gives it a well-groomed appearance, as lamination does.


Polishing is the treatment of hair along its entire length with the help of a special nozzle worn on a hair clipper. Only clumsily sticking forked tips are cut off.
Shearing with hot scissors - the essence of the procedure is clear from the name. Before cutting, the scissor blades heat up and serve as a kind of “soldering iron” for the ends of the hair. The temperature is selected depending on the structure of the curls and from the thickness.
Note! The finer the hair, the lower the temperature should be.
Bio-seeding - a procedure is the treatment of hair with a special protein composition that glues the bifurcated tips and restores the structure along the length.
Hot wrapping is done using nutritious oils. When heated, they penetrate better into the structure of the hair and scalp. The tips are sealed, and the hair itself becomes shiny and silky.
Pyrophoresis - it is also fired by fire. A special keratin cocktail is applied to the hair, after which the hair is carefully processed with an open flame. The cut ends disappear and do not form for a long time, due to the densification of the hair structure.
Biolamination - positively affects the structure of the hair, making the rods more dense and smooth.
Glazing is a procedure that combines the thickening of the hair shaft with dyeing, however, there is also a colorless option. A protective keratin layer is created on each hair, which tightens the hair, making it more elastic.
Keratermia - hair straightening and tightening using a special keratin-containing product and high temperatures.



Cold (nitrogen) mask - acts on the scalp with the help of low temperatures, alternately narrowing and dilating the vessels, thereby providing an influx of nutrients to the sleeping hair follicles.
Ampoule effect. Concentrated vitamin and mineral formulations based on herbs and medicinal plants are applied to the scalp. They make up for the deficiency of nutrients, contributing to the growth of new hair.
Ozone Therapy A special, ozone-oxygen mixture is applied to the scalp. Reduces hair loss, and helps to restore the lost volume.
Mesotherapy - injections into the basal zone (to a depth of 2-4 mm), the injection composition of which is selected individually, depending on the specific problem of the client. Helps accelerate hair growth and awakens sleeping follicles.
Darsonvalization - impact on the scalp with low currents. It normalizes metabolic processes, contributing to the rapid growth of hair and its density.
Laser therapy - deep warming of the scalp with a laser. Under the influence of heat, blood flow occurs and metabolic processes improve.
Plasma lifting - injections with the patient’s blood plasma, injected into the scalp. Improves metabolic processes, thereby contributing to the active growth of hair.
Carboxytherapy is in many ways similar to mesotherapy, with the only difference being that not nutritious vitamin shakes are injected under the patient’s skin, but carbon dioxide. It activates regenerative processes in the skin, thereby contributing to the acceleration of hair growth.


Lamination is perhaps the most famous, and therefore the most popular procedure for giving hair a mirror shine. A fairly dense film is created on each hair shaft, which makes the hair shine in the light.
Important! Contrary to popular belief, lamination does not heal hair! It only makes them visually attractive.
Elution is a gentle hair coloring, as a result of which, each hair is covered with a pigmented film. Thanks to the procedure, curls acquire beautiful color overflows and shine.
Glazing is often done by models before catwalk shows or a photo shoot. Hair gains a glossy shine and visually appears voluminous. However, the effect lasts no more than two weeks.
Miostimulation - a procedure, like darsonvalization, is an impact on the scalp with an impulse current. Strengthens hair follicles, preventing loss.
Iontophoresis - the introduction of drugs under the skin using galvanic current. Prevents hair loss and weakening.
Mesotherapy - shows good results in the fight against increased or seasonal hair loss. The composition is selected stronger than in the case of hair that is rare by nature.
Plasma lifting - in case of hair loss, plasma is introduced zonally - into the bald patches and thinning partings.
Ozone therapy - exposure to problem areas with oxygen, which penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis, strengthens the hair follicles and hair rods.

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